WIRELAND Ranch is a psychedelic cosmic horror audio drama that can be found wherever you get your podcasts.

Set in an alternate version of Blythe, California. 

A crumbling shack in the Mojave desert houses the heartbeat at the center of the universe. Long ago, the heart was diminished to a parasite when new spoiled gods built of the more *distasteful* human energies usurped the throne and began their own type of reign. They battled and bickered and those arguments translated to our world in the form of tragedies, mass rituals, and monied black magic. Now, it seems that history is coming to a head and our spoiled gods are fighting harder than they have ever fought before.

Dead in the center of all of this are three humans: An unwitting delivery driver turned host for the parasitic heart. A disgraced drug addicted private investigator retracing the driver's steps. And, our narrator, an Archaeologist digging it all up 5000 years from now.

Everything else, we will find out together.



Joseph Rutledge (he/him)

Creator, Writer, Sound Designer, Producer, Score Producer


He has been both a writer and a prisoner at times, and an all around rapscallion at others. He has been known to be all three simultaneously under the correct set of circumstances. Wireland Ranch is an amalgamation of the years he's spent not understanding what to do with his creative impulses and wandering about delivering overpriced treats in the encroaching ruins of America. His heart has disabled him for most of his life. And finally, but most importantly, he is no longer allowed in Mexico.

Trenton Spann (he/him)

Creator, Lore Writer and World Builder, Producer


Trenton Spann was, similarly to Jesus, born in December . He lived a nomadic life, bouncing between home in rural _______ and the bed of an 18 wheeler traveling roads known only to the highway worn and ones lost alone. On June ___, 20XX Trenton woke up on his grandmother’s couch, unable to move his neck. One week later, he was diagnosed with a Juvenile Pilocytic Astrocytoma tumor attached to his brain stem. After an 18 hour surgery, 18 months of various therapies, and a very cold and lonely near death experience, Trenton made a complete recovery. He has been living a normal life for 7 years now, and only deals with the trauma left behind. Trenton attends high school in Georgia and is on track to graduate early with plans of going to the University of West Georgia for a P.h.D in Brain Chicanery (Psychology.)